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    “I was awake, working on my computer when I heard a sound of helicopter. It was rare here. It hovered for about six minutes and then there was a big blast and power gone,” Athar, 34, said in an interview with Reuters.

    “I tweeted it because it was something unusual in the city,” said Athar, adding that he moved from Lahore to the city a year and a half ago to avoid “bomb blasts and terrorist attacks.”

    After liveblogging and speculating for several hours over what happened, it dawned on Athar and those following him that they were witnessing the end of a worldwide manhunt for the man held responsible for orchestrating the September 11, 2001 attacks.


    - Sohaib Athar, who unknowingly witnessed and livetweeted the operation that killed Bin Laden speaks with Reed Stevenson and Kamran Haider at Reuters (via soupsoup)
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